onsdag den 30. april 2014

Better Than Hype: Blaue Blume

The other day I stumbled upon this band. Blaue Blume, they're called. Or 'Blue Flower', in English. I heard them at the Offspring in Tivoli; the magical garden in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tivoli has create a two day festival dedicated to new - primarily Danish - music. Among the bands were Blaue Blume and Mads Björn (another favorite).

Blaue Blume played on an elevated stage at the section of Tivoli called 'Biergarten'. A crowd of about 100 people were gathered (including Tim Christensen - one of Denmark's most famous musicians who also played in Dizzy Mizz Lizzy). The short concert - all acts played 30 minutes - was a fascinating affair. With their impeccable musical skills, they used a basic setup: drums, bass, two guitars (at times), and a vocalist. Its main characteristics were the guitar sound bathed in luscious chorus-effects, and the intense glare and antics of vocalist and guitarist Jonas Schmidt whose theatrical and opera-like voice had a hypnotic effect on people. The rhythm section - comprised of the excellent Peter Bøgvad on bass and Søren Jensen Buhl on drums - was tight, disciplined and yet generous with details. The main guitarist - Robert Jensen Buhl - didn't miss a note (as far as I heard), which was impressive in itself due to the complexity of the songs, which for the guitar part was in some ways similar to what you would find in a progressive metal band like Dream Theater. 

It's hard to compare Blaue Blume to anything I've heard before. Gaffa's Kim Lykke Andersen compares the vocals to those of  Nicolaj Vonsild of When Saints Go Machine, which makes a little sense. He also mentions The Smiths, but I don't know. I think Blaue Blume sound pretty unique.

After having heard only half an hour of them, I certainly look forward to their ep 'Beau and Lorette', which will be released in June.

Blaue Blume's single 'In Disco Lights' can be heard below. Get ready for the next - durable - big thing. Think Nirvana.

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