onsdag den 2. april 2014

Album launch: 'How to Giggle and Give In' by Mads Björn

One of my favorite artists, Mads Björn, released his second album on 31 March. It's much more extrovert than his debut album, Monolith. This time around, he has joined forces with Rick Astley and Fallulah, and it works pretty well.

Mads Björn is an excellent musician (he plays most instruments himself), but also manages to keep the structures of his songs relatively simple and tight. Though Simon's Tune is like a huge canvas of sound. Unlike Monolith, the new batch of songs also triggers the listener to get up and dance and party - 80's style. Sounds corny, but in this case it's a compliment, because the music inspires happiness and openness - a bit like Pharrell's Happy, though the two artists don't have much in common.

The album is in every way well thought out and convincingly executed and adds more perspectives to an already versatile artist's repertoire. Highly impressive.

You can listen to the YouTube version of Looping Your Life from How to... below.

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