fredag den 7. marts 2014

Future Islands on Letterman: Seasons (Waiting on You)

Future Islands' performance on David Letterman created quite a buzz. There wasn't much pyrotechnics or anything, but lead singer Samuel T. Herring's agility and near-thrash metal growling got some attention.

His style seems to belong more in the traditional punk and/or metal genre, but I feel it's refreshing to see this kind of passion performed by a singer in what's basically another synth-pop electronica band. These bands usually go for a more distant, cold, mechanical delivery of their songs, so kudos to Future Islands for a more energetic performance of a song that also communicates deeper feelings of longing. Also their looks are refreshingly non-hipsterish; the lead singer looks like a middle-aged insurance broker - and that's a good thing because it's breaks the mold of the stereotypical synth band look.

For some reason, the voice of Samuel T. Herring reminds me of The Cult's Ian Astbury's. The band's line-up was simple enough; a singer, a bass player, a drummer, and a synth-guy, but they managed to have a more detailed sound landscape than most synth bands. This, in part, I think is because of the bass player who not only adds the bottom of the track but also provides a melody line.

I don't know anything about the band and only jumped on the bandwagon after following posts about the singer's antics on stage. But the song itself is worth a listen.

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