onsdag den 21. maj 2014

Today's picks: Go Go Berlin & Kashmir

Hi there
Here are today's picks: Go Go Berlin & Kashmir.

Go Go Berlin are a relatively new Danish band (here's their Facebook page), but I saw a live performance of theirs the other day, and it was great. The lead singer has an irresistible, Janice Joplin-like voice (but he's a guy), and they truly are great performers. At closer scrutiny, the songs - particularly the lyrics - come off as a bit cliché, but who minds that when you're at a concert surrounded by happy people completely caught up in the moment. Think Thin Lizzy meets Janice Joplin. Definitely worth a check-out.

Kashmir is a well-known favorite among Danish music fans. They've been around for a long time (early 90's), and in my opinion they peaked on their second album, but with loads of good singles since then. Genre-wise they're all over the place, but give them a listen. Here's their Facebook page.

That's it for now. See you later.

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