søndag den 26. februar 2017

New Music From Kellermensch and Penny Police

Two important pieces of news from the Danish music scene: A new song by Penny Police, and a new album by Kellermensch.

First, Penny Police has been laying low for a little while. But now she's back with a new single, 'No Horizons'. The song is about the impression a news report on refugees seeking asylum in Europe made on Marie Fjeldsted, Penny Police's civilian name. The video is also up on YouTube.

After an eight-year long hiatus, Kellermensch are back with their eagerly anticipated second full-length album 'Goliath'. The first single, 'Bad Sign', has gained considerable traction already, and it appears that the long break from touring and public appearances hasn't damaged the band's popularity.

Check out Penny Police on Facebook and on Spotify.
Check out Kellermensch on Facebook and on Spotify.

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