mandag den 19. oktober 2015

The Resurrection of Martin Hedegaard

The annual P3 Guld (Danish national radio's award show) kicked off the weekend. And there was a big surprise in store: The resurrection of Martin Hedegaard who was believed by most people to be another creative casualty of X Factor - the show that actually manages to drown and destroy any talent in its contestants.

Martin Hedegaard - under the name Saveus - wasn't revealed to the audience (and television viewers) at first. So people were gradually captivated by the music, which was a heavy dose of electronica and quiet piano segments. Think a mix of James Blake and Muse, perhaps.

When he was on X Factor he was just 15 years old and shortly after released his X Factor album to mixed reviews, although most critics agreed that Martin Hedegaard was among the more talented contestants of the show.

He's now 23 years old, and his voice has matured well. Long gone are the Justin Timberlake impressions, and has been replaced with a more hoarse, deep and warm voice that would suit both soul, rock and blues ensembles.

See his performance here.

Stream the song Levitate Me on Spotify here.

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